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Volunteer for Our Widow Foundation in Hackney, London

Our foundation is seeking monetary donations, so we are able to build accommodation for children and women in Nigerian. In addition to money, we also accept other donations to include:

• Children's Toys • Adult & Children's Clothing • Electronic Equipment • School Materials

Seeking Trustees

It Can Be An Accountant • It Can Be A Lawyer or Someone With Legal Experience • It Can Also Be Someone With Charity Experience
• Please Note: There Is No Financial Involvement • This Post Is Urgently Needed • There Is No Time Consuming
• There Is No Monetary Involvement

Widows and Orphans


At Peculiar Widows For Christ And Orphanage Foundations we are looking for five volunteers to help our foundation and our cause. If someone is interested, they are able to contact us via the website. You don't need any qualifications, just time and a warm and compassionate heart.


We offer counselling and pastoral care in Nigeria and London. We are fully qualified and have psychology degrees. Counselling helps someone to build up their hope and strength. If they're living in fear we talk to them, give them hope, and help change their outlook. In addition, we also provide emotional and spiritual support, as Christianity plays a big part in people's lives in Nigeria. We are hosting seminars, so we're able to meet more of these women and help them.

Contact our widow foundation in Hackney, London, to learn more about Nigerian widow support.

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